• Full Port Ball Valve 1000WOG
    Full Port Ball Valve 1000WOG
    ​Full-bore and reduced-diameter structures. The ball valve used for conveying the splicing and easy-to-slagging medium pipeline should use full diameter to facilitate the passage of the regular wax-sweeper.


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  • PG Type Nylon Cable Gland
    PG Type Nylon Cable Gland
    Thread: PG threadModel: PG7, PG9, PG11, PG13.5, PG16, PG21, PG29, PG36, PG42, PG48Waterproof grade: IP68-10Feature: Special design of the clamping die and rubber part, wide clamping range, strong stretching resistance, no damage to cables and devices.


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  • Fibergrate Molded Grating
    Fibergrate Molded Grating
    ​Fibergrate molded grating is made of vertical and horizontal continuous fiberglass fully soaked in unsaturated polyester resin giving perfect bi-directional mechanical properties. Combining unmatched corrosion resistance with strength, long life and safe


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  • Power Inverter Pure Sine
    Power Inverter Pure Sine
    Product name: DC to AC pure sine wave 600w pure sine wave inverter Model No.: NP600-12V/24V Working principle:Inverter is the DC power (battery, accumulator jar battery) into alternating current (usually 220v 50Hz 60Hz puresine wave). In general, an inver


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